First of all you need you contact us. Our contact details are listed in the CONTACT section.

It is vital to arrange an initial meeting to discuss the project volume and its characteristics. This leads to a quotation for future cooperation.

If you accept the quote we will prepare a contract to be signed and once this is done the design project can start.


First of all, IDENTIFY studio performs market research to investigate the current design trends in the given field.

We present the design options through sketches, which are useful to show the main product philosophy and to discuss the design shapes.

After discussing these points and agreeing on the right design to use our studio creates 3D images to get closer to the conceptual idea of the design for your space.

The design output is photorealistic visualization - in which we capture the main features of the design - along with blueprints - where we capture the shapes, colors and design functions of the design.


The implementation of your interior design is not an issue for us. Our business partners will be glad to execute the project we have prepared together.

We prefer to work with naturally sourced materials and especially with wood-based materials. However, we can also proceed with other kind of materials.