The first step is contacting us. Our contact details can be found in the CONTACT section.

We will then contact you to arrange a meeting. We prefer to meet our clients in the space to be designed but if you prefer to meet at your office or even in a cafeteria this is not a problem.

The main purpose of the first meeting is to clarify the scope of the project and agree on the way of cooperation. The consultation is absolutely free! You will only be charged for the output.

Upon agreement on the project specifications and work volume we will provide our designer's schedule and later on we will send you a quote for the requested project.

Should you agree with the procedure and prices, we would start preparing the contract to be signed after which the design would start.


It is of vital importance for our studio to get the necessary and relevant information regarding the project. In other words, to take note of your requirements and demands on the space to be designed.

After measuring and photographing the area and handing the proper documentation and information we will proceed to design the relevant space following the agreement.

Approximately one week later we will arrange another meeting to present our design ideas and options. Once you have chosen one of the options we will proceed to visualize it in order to show the final output.

At the end of the following week we will provide the design in the shape of photorealistic visualization, the area and furniture blueprints - or the picture of the relevant furniture, if agreed upon. Everything will be done under our agreement and as per the scope set in the contract.

From that moment, the design of your interior space can be implemented following our proposals.


In case you wish us to implement the design following the drafts made by us it is not an issue. Our studio collaborates with partners in the areas of interior realization and furniture makers.

In addition, if you choose us to implement the design you will receive a quote free of charge. Everything depends on your preferences and the characteristics of the interior area.

After signing the quotation of the interior design implementation you will be asked to pay a deposit necessary in order to cover the costs of production and ordering of the outsourced units. The deadline is always agreed and will depend on the characteristics of the project.

The last phase of the process involves the installation of appliances and cleaning the area - the project is complete! You have your new place!