IDENTIFY studio offers its services to help you in the process of creating your ideal space from the very beginning. You only need to take the first step and call us to arrange a meeting.

Do you know how to start the renovation of the space properly? Do not worry; if you contact us that will not be a problem. We will be more than glad to give shape to your space in ways you could never imagine.

We can help you to design and implement all kinds of spaces from hallways and corridors to workrooms, living rooms and bedrooms both for adults and children. Last but not least we can help you with the design of your kitchen and dining area.

However, we think of your apartment or house as a whole area in which every single square meter is fully exploited for your own use.

Don't know which material is best to use? No problem, we will choose both the materials and colors to create a comfortable living area while fulfilling your expectations. We are here to offer you our advice.

We think of interior design as an organic process in which you have an important role and in which your preferences will always be taken into account. The professional team at IDENTIFY studio will take care of you.


We offer support in the areas of commercial interior design at an architectural and artistic level, including both visualization and realization.

We produce creative and atypical furniture solutions as well as we may use furniture created by other manufacturers to create your space. It all depends on your preferences and the quality expected.

We offer our design services not only to hotels, restaurants, nightclubs but also to schools, and corporations.