Let us show you what we can create in one space. The following gallery shows 5 variants of the very same flat. Make sure you pick the style that suits you best.

IDENTIFY studio will be glad to learn about your preferences and favourite style - or combination of styles; those ones that adapt to you and your space perfectly.


A fresh style which – just as its name indicates - does not complicate the use of the interior space. It brings clarity by using colour contrast and clear lines without overusing any details. This style is appropriate for those ones that wish to ease the space organization and cleanliness.

Characteristics: clear lines, minimalism, contrast, clarity and simplicity

Materials: solid wood, laminated particle board, glass, leather, metal, textile



A style that attracts mainly well-settled residents. This style provides relaxation and cosiness to the space by using historical lines. The use of well-thought details contributes to create the feeling of safety and interior stability.

Characteristics: historical lines, stability, luxury, cosiness and safety

Materials: solid wood, glass, leather, textile, stone



A style which derives from the Asian – mainly Japanese - use of space. This style is characterized for its fashionable fresh atmosphere and the use of natural materials. The Asian style is aimed to residents who wish to live in communion with Nature.

Characteristics: East-Asian features, nature, fresh atmosphere, craft details

Materials: solid wood, textile, stone, nature



An exotic style which seeks the rational use of furniture, which is inspired in the African continent. This style contributes to waken up the resident’s traveler spirit and adventurousness.

Characteristics: African lines, stability, traveling, solid-wood furniture and curiosity

Materials: solid wood, leather, textile, stone, nature



A style that perfectly combines minimalism and raw-nature characters. This style contributes to create a fresh atmosphere based on nature in which only designed items are used to decorate the space. Thanks to the combination of technology and raw-nature materials this style creates a modern atmosphere.

Characteristics: raw lines, nature, technology and contrast

Materials: solid-raw wood, glass, leather, stone, of nature, brick